What Are The Side Effects Of Miscarriage

Miscarriage is known as spontaneous abortion which can happen to any woman. There are many types of miscarriage and many side effects of miscarriage. It can not be said that miscarriage happens to only certain types of women. During pregnancy our body goes through many changes and some of these changes may not happen accordingly. This is when miscarriage happens. Miscarriage is abortion that happens without the pregnant woman’s will and many times women do not even know that they have a miscarriage until they go for ultrasound. So, the emotional effect of miscarriage is the most important one because it impacts all aspect of that woman’s life. Also, the physical side effect of miscarriage is important one because as I said earlier that many women do not even know that they have a miscarriage until they go to do their ultrasound and as a result their body suffers a long time without their knowledge. This is why it is important to know about pregnancy and miscarriage so that miscarriage can be avoided also it is important to know about the side effect of miscarriage so that future fertility is not hampered.

The two important side effects of miscarriage is emotional side effect and physical side effect.


Emotional Side Effect Of Miscarriage: If you emotionally break down after experiencing a miscarriage then it will have a huge impact on your future. The feeling of losing a baby is indescribable and no one can share the heartache of a mother but herself. You and your partner need to support each other and stay positive. Though it is a difficult task to get over a miscarriage but you have to work towards your recovery so that you can plan for future pregnancy. If you stay depressed and stress about your miscarriage then it will have effect on your pregnancy. Stress is a vital factor behind delayed pregnancy. You need to understand that you can not change the past but you can build a future. So, you need to stay positive and start thinking about your future pregnancy. You need to understand that miscarriage can happen to anyone but that does not mean that you can not have a healthy pregnancy in the future. This is why you need to educate yourself about pregnancy and visit your doctor after having a miscarriage to know the reasons behind it so that you can be careful in the future to avoid the things that might have caused your miscarriage.


Physical Side Effect Of Miscarriage: There are many types of miscarriage and some of them can have serious effects on your body. If you have a complete miscarriage then all products of conception is ejected from the body but if you have an incomplete miscarriage then it means that you need to do a D&C to get the products out of your womb. If not then infection can happen which can lead to infertility or future miscarriage. Ectopic pregnancy can have serious impact on your pregnancy if it damages the fallopian tube. There are 2 fallopian tubes and you can still can pregnant if one tube is undamaged but if both are damaged then it can lead to infertility. This is why when you have an ectopic pregnancy then it is recommended that you get treatment immediately and remove the fetus. Many say that having a miscarriage will have an impact of your next pregnancy but that statement is debatable. If your miscarriage does not have any negative impact on your body then your next pregnancy will not be affected. If you have a miscarriage then it is better that you should wait for at least 3 cycles to start trying again. Again you should take your doctor’s advice because the waiting time can be longer for some women. You need to give your body the time to get healthy and healed to have a safe pregnancy.


The emotional and physical side effects of a miscarriage can be many but you need to be strong. Pregnancy is a complex procedure and many factors play roles in this process. This is why you need to stay positive and relaxed when you are trying to conceive. Your hormonal, physical and mental changes during pregnancy will bring about many changes in your daily life and you need to embrace them with open mind. If not then they can lead to miscarriage but that does not mean you can not have a healthy pregnancy the next time. So, stay positive and relax if you have experienced a miscarriage and do a full body check-up to know the side effects of your miscarriage so that you can treat them and prepare for your next pregnancy.