Teenagers Getting Pregnant

Teenagers’ getting pregnant is a common issue in many countries and this happens mainly because of their lack of proper knowledge about the whole idea of pregnancy. Many misconceptions or false information are also one of the vital reasons for this incident. In eastern countries, the main reason for teenagers getting pregnant is no open discussion about pregnancy between parents and children. I know many women who did not get any knowledge from their parents about sex and they had to rely on magazines or internet about these issues when they were teenagers. Teens are very curious about everything and also they make decisions without thinking about the consequences of their actions so it should be their parents’ responsibility to educate them about sex and pregnancy so that they do not do anything that can affect their future life. This article will be beneficial for both parents and teenagers because it will highlight why teenagers are getting pregnant and also it will educate you briefly about preventing pregnancy.


Why Teenagers Are Getting Pregnant

Lack Of Proper Knowledge About Pregnancy: Educate your children about sex and pregnancy. If you are not comfortable in talking about this type of issues then give your children resources (medical books) from which they can educate themselves. It is not safe to keep them illiterate about this type of knowledge because then it can be harmful for them in the future or even during their teen life. Many teenagers are getting pregnant because they do not have the right type of information about pregnancy and how people get pregnant. There are many misconceptions that they hear from their friends which also cause many teenagers in getting pregnant.


Protection:  Using no protection is a mistake that many teenagers make when they have unplanned sex and for which many teenagers are getting pregnant. Do not have sex without any protection which goes for everyone rather than only teenagers. Also, there are many sizes of condoms and if you are not wearing the right size then it can break anytime while you are having sex. So, you should also know about condoms and which one to buy. Many think that condoms are 100% safe but they are not. There have been many incidents that girls have gotten pregnant even though they had safe sex. So, you should be always careful when you are having sex when you are a teenager because your small mistake can have a huge impact on your whole life. Birth control pills are used by many teenagers but most of them do not use them consistently and which is why the use of birth control pills becomes useless. Again, we can see that lack of education about birth control pills and how to avoid pregnancy is the main reason behind teenagers getting pregnant.


Know Your Cycle: Another way of avoiding getting pregnant is to know about your menstrual cycle and ovulation timing. Ovulation is the best time to get pregnant so avoid having sex during this time. Though many say it is not the best way to prevent pregnancy but teenagers should know about this so that they know when the best time to have sex is and when it is riskier to have sex. Not knowing about menstrual cycle properly and also the inability to calculate the ovulation timing are some common things among teenagers. Again, parents should teach them about these things at home because this information can guide them and protect them from getting pregnant.


There are also physical, financial and emotional consequences of teenagers getting pregnant. Most of the teenagers who get pregnant are unmarried. Many of them have to drop out from their high schools and also most of them can not continue their education in the future because they start working to support their child. It is costly to raise a child and teenage mothers can not afford to raise their child on their own. They have to seek their parents’ help to support them financially. The emotional consequence of teenagers getting pregnant is the most complex one as teenagers are never ready to become a parent. So, when they get pregnant it causes them emotional distress and also interrupts their social life a lot.


We live in a modern society and it is time that we teach our children how to face the world on their own so that they do not make any mistake in their way of life. Educating your teenage children about sex and pregnancy should be your responsibility and you will be blamed if your teenage daughter gets pregnant. Teenagers’ getting pregnant has become a common incident and their lack of proper knowledge about pregnancy plays a vital role behind this issue.