Pregnancy Pain Third Trimester

The third trimester is the last phase of pregnancy period. It last between 29 weeks to 4o weeks of gestation. During your third trimester you should visit your doctor every 2 weeks and after 36 weeks of pregnancy you should visit your doctor every week because very few babies get delivered on their due dates and a full grown baby can come anytime between week 37 to week 42. Many women’s nesting instinct grows stronger during their third trimester. Though pains are common during pregnancy period but there are some pains which occur during the third trimester more prominently. You are about to gain more weight during your third trimester than your first and second trimester because during this time your baby is growing up and maturing inside your uterus. Also, because your uterus is getting bigger this time, you will feel pains like hip pain, pelvic pain and backaches during your third trimester.


Hip Pain During Third Trimester: Hip pain is very common during third trimester. Though your body releases hormones to adjust your body for the pregnancy during your first trimester but these hormones do not affect most women until they reach this phase of pregnancy. These hormones help to relax and soften your joints and muscles so that your body is prepared for labor and delivery. Relaxin in your body helps to move your pelvis more easily for birth but it can also increase the probability to injury and may also result in hip pain. There are some tips which can help you to treat your hip pain during pregnancy. Most of the women experience hip pain while they are sleeping as a result of poor posture. You may prevent it by putting pillow between your legs and under the abdomen while sleeping for a full body support. To avoid hip pain during your third trimester you should avoid too much exercise, walking or bending. Hip pain can also occur during pregnancy for some problem in the pelvis area. You can take the help of a chiropractor or do some massages to get relief from hip pain but you should take the advice of your doctor before doing so. Other sources of relief from hip pain during third trimester can be yoga.




Pelvic Pain Or Vaginal Pressure During Third Trimester: When you reach towards your third trimester meaning the end stage of your pregnancy, you may experience some discomfort in your pelvic area or some pressure in the vagina. If you are having pelvic pain or vaginal pressure then it’s your indication for taking some rest. If you are doing exercises regularly then you should start reducing your exercise time. I am not suggesting you to take rest all the time but you should give your body enough rest from time to time and do not overdo anything. Do little exercises or some walking but avoid stressing your body or this type of pain may occur. Usually this type of pain reduces after taking some rest.


Backache During Third Trimester: When you reach your third trimester, you have gained weight and also you are carrying more weight. You can not walk in the same position that you are used to also your posture changes during this time. As you are carrying more weight and can not be straight while walking, you may experience pain in your lower back because of this pressure of your body. Do not do a work for a long time to avoid backaches during this period of your pregnancy. You can also avoid back pain in you third trimester by-

sleeping on a firm mattress, doing some stretches, sleeping with pillow between your legs and under your lower abdomen and by avoiding slouching.

Sciatica During Third Trimester: When your back pain goes down to your buttock and thighs then it is called sciatica. Sciatica means serious pain, numbness and/or weakness in your lower back, buttock and thighs. This type of pregnancy pain during your third trimester can be very uncomfortable. This type of pregnancy pain in third trimester happens because of the pressure that the baby puts on the pelvic area. Though your pelvis stretches to give the baby enough space but the pressure can stretch the sciatic nerves which can then cause this severe pain. To avoid this type of pregnancy pain during third trimester you should not lie flat on your back. Also be careful while walking because from sciatic nerve problem you can lose the feeling in a leg which can cause you to trip or fall.


Hope this information about pregnancy pain of third trimester will help you out during your pregnancy period. Have a safe and pain free pregnancy period. Good luck.