How Many Days Am I Pregnant

Being a parent is always a better experience either you are becoming mother first time in life or you have been a mother before. But the enthusiasm of giving birth to a new life is always there with every baby. During the pregnancy period, the most important and constant question in the heads of a lady is that how many days am i pregnant? While your baby is inside you, engage yourself in thinking about his future and his health and you can figure out it better if you know that how far you have gone till now. In the pregnancy period, each and every day is counted so, it’s important that you should know how many days am i pregnant? There are few simple ways of figuring out those days of being pregnant. Some of those ways are:


Calculate With The Help Of Previous Period Date

This is the most usable formula that everyone adopts. You have to count the days after the last period you have and those many days you are pregnant. But the million dollar question is that in your last period week or days, you were not pregnant and you don’t know after how many days you have conceived after those periods. No one can knows exactly when actually you have conceived especially when you are with a regular partner and if you had sex sometimes in between a month then this is obvious that the day you had sex with someone is the day of your conception. So, the doctors normally use this date and assume that immediately after your periods, you got pregnant and that’s why consider 280 days of pregnancy or 40 weeks. Thus, they will give you the due date according to this statistics. By applying this method, you can easily know how many days am i pregnant?


In Case Of Irregular Periods

The above calculation is good if you have regular periods or your menstruation cycle is of 28 days or near to it. But if your cycle vary drastically then this calculation may not hold true for you. Thereby, you may end up with a wrong due date. So, keeping this thing into consideration that if you do not have regular periods, another way of finding how many days am i pregnant is doing ultrasound. But if you are going for ultrasound then make sure that you do it as early as possible in your pregnancy because as early as you get your ultrasound done, the more accurate results you can expect out of it. If you are going for ultrasound after 3 months then you cannot get the exact date although you might find your exact week or a typical range of some days. Despite of having latest scientific tools and technologies, we are not been able to determine the exact due date of a lady or counting the exact days of their pregnancy.


In normal circumstances, when you know the exact week of your pregnancy, then you should add 2 weeks before and after the due date given by doctor. You have to make yourself ready to deliver in this time range. That would be a much more realistic approach.


Consult your doctor for your exact date of conception and start counting days after that day only. Although it is not necessary that your doctor is been able to give you exact due or conception date but still you could be very close to it. You can determine the exact week of your pregnancy and the whole pregnancy is of 40 weeks. So, you can easily determine your pregnancy week but you might face some difficulty in determining the exact date of your pregnancy. But once you know or come close to the answer of how many days am i pregnant, check every details afterwards to know what’s going on in your body and with that baby inside you. It is sure that you will find some interesting facts about yourself and you will feel amazingly different in knowing that you are going to give birth to a new life and how that new life is growing inside you.