Getting Pregnant After Tubal Ligation

A lot of women often make the mistake of assuming that when they have had a tubal ligation, then they have totally removed all chances of getting pregnant. However, even though tubal ligation is a very accurate form of birth control, there is still some allowance for a possible pregnancy despite the ligation every now and then. It is worthy of note that once you have had a tubal ligation, your chances of getting pregnant tend to become limited even if you have had the tubal ligation and you discover that you are a few weeks late in your period, it could still mean that you are pregnant.


Basically, the major reason a tubal ligation is one of the best methods of birth control is not because it has a hundred per cent guarantee, but because it is a birth control option that does not require you to take a pill everyday to prevent a pregnancy coming into your womb in your unguarded moments.


Tubal ligation is the act of having your tubes tied. Most women usually undergo tubal ligation when they are no longer interested in having children. It is then done to prevent them from getting pregnant. Most people think of this procedure as a permanent one. However, if you do intend to change your mind in the future, there are ways you can make the ligation a temporary resort. Even though you have a reduced chance of getting pregnant after a tubal ligation, this does not mean that your chances are exactly zero. A lot of women have gotten pregnant after a tubal ligation procedure, and you can too if you like. There are a lot of ways through which women can get pregnant after they have undergone some sterilization processes. Here are some options that you may wish to run through in your bid to get pregnant after a tubal ligation.


  • Reversal Procedure: Have you tried going for something called a tubal ligation reversal? Of course, you probably haven’t, since most women are not fond of the idea. However, if you would like to have kids after your tubal ligation a reversing procedure might bet the best you could do to get back in the fertility business again. This, however, is a really serious procedure, and when it is done, you might have to stay in bed for a couple of days though it is actually cheaper and better than some of the other options you would see.


  • Mental Readiness: Once you have gotten the tubal ligation over with, you might need to do a little mental psyche to boost yourself up with. You would need to start getting ready mentally for pregnancy, and this should cover the duration from your tubal ligation reversal to your actual pregnancy period. For women who are fertile and have not had a tubal ligation, it can take as much as six months before they can get pregnant. However, for some, it could take years to get pregnant.


  • Balance Diet/Exercise: Eat a balanced diet and you would also need to perform a lot of exercises daily to keep fit. You would need to be healthy daily and also maintain the right weight, all things being equal. You would need to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also note that you would need to really cut down on the fatty food intake. However note that consuming healthy foods would not work the magic if you have not already had the tubal ligation reversal or if you do not add some form of fertility medication to the equation.


  • Do not ignore the fact that your partner would also need to be in top fertility conditions for this to set sail. You and your partner should work together to boost one another’s fertility levels. You would need to stay off some harmful food chemicals such as alcohol and caffeine. Your partner should endure staying away from hot tubs. Also, he should ditch his briefs for the better, sperm-friendly, boxers.


  • In vitro fertilization might just hold the key. However, this should be your last resort after you have tried the other alternatives like tubal ligation. In vitro fertilization is the process whereby doctor injects eggs into your uterus. This procedure is classified as an invasive one, and it is quite expensive. Also, the chances of success from this procedure are quite slim. However, this might hold the key to your pregnancy, especially if you want to maintain your tubal ligation.


In a case of tubal ligation, you may decide to use donor eggs instead of yours, and it is a better way of getting pregnant. According to researchers, this is how most celebrity mothers are now doing it; it has work for many of them and it should for you too.