Getting Pregnant After Mirena

Before you want to read about getting pregnant after mirena; I think it is necessary that I briefly give some idea about mirena for those of you who are not familiar with this term. Mirera is a type of birth control process. Among all the birth control process it is one of the most effective ones. Its rate of preventing pregnancy is higher than 95%. So, many women are using it these days. It is an intrauterine contraceptive which delivers hormone (Levonorgestrel) directly to your uterus. This Mirena is T-shaped and very tiny in size. Mirena is made of soft and flexible plastic and mainly a coil like device. This contraceptive is mainly use for birth control but many women who have heavy periods also use it. Mirena can be placed by your doctor during your visit but it should be checked monthly. Your doctor can show you how to check your threads or you can visit your health provider to check it. Mirena is the most effective method for birth control and it can prevent pregnancy up to 5 years. You can remove it when you want with the help of your doctor and women have gotten pregnant immediately after removing mirena but it is advised that you should try getting pregnant 3-5 weeks after removing your mirena.

Using mirena has some benefits for women. Mirena


·        Prevents pregnancy up to 5 years after placing it.

·        Helps women who have heavy bleeding.


Using mirena has some drawbacks also. You should talk to your doctor before you place your mirena. A thorough check up should be done so that you know that you are eligible for using a mirena. Those of you who get infections easily or have pelvic infection should not use a mirena. Using a mirena can cause cysts to occur in the ovary but they also may disappear with time. So, you can see; you need to do full research on whether you should use a mirena before you start using one.


Getting pregnant after removing Mirena

Those of you who are using mirena have many concerns about getting pregnant after mirena has been removed. For those of you who are worried that mirena might have negative effect on your pregnancy; breathe a sigh of relief. Many women have gotten pregnant right after removing their mirena. So, if you have any doubts about whether to place a mirena so that you can get pregnant later, you should not worry! Though you should know that after removing your mirena, bleeding may occur for 2-3 days and it may take time for your period to come back. Do not lose your patience. Check up with your doctor and stay relaxed. Worrying about it will only affect your health and delay your health and body to go back to normal stage. If you have any unusual pain or bleeding then you should definitely visit your doctor but otherwise you should take some rest and keep calm after removing your mirena.


Time to get pregnant after removing mirena

Many women have gotten pregnant right after removing their mirena. Some have got pregnant after weeks of removing their mirena. The timing depends on your body’s ability to get back to natural process. Whenever you start your ovulation and regular period starts, you should start trying to get pregnant. Many say that it is better to wait a couple of weeks before you start trying to get pregnant. So, there is no definite time to get pregnant after removing mirena but it is definite that if your body goes back to natural process after removing your coil then you will soon get pregnant.


Our medical science has given us the opportunity to live without taking any birth control pills by the usage of mirena. Many couples are using mirena after having babies and many coupled have removed mirena after using it for a couple of years to have more babies. Though it has many advantages but it has drawbacks too and you should know about the both. If you are currently using a mirena then you should stop worrying about whether you will be able to get pregnant after removing your mirena because you sure will if everything goes perfect. You can never be sure of anything but staying positive is always the best method.


I hope this article has been resourceful for those of you are planning on getting pregnant after mirena is removed from your body. I wish best of luck to all of you!