Bleeding In First Month Of Pregnancy

It definitely sounds awkward but it is very true that some women bleed in the first month of their pregnancy and that is the reason they don’t know that they are pregnant. In some cases, women continue bleeding in the whole period of their pregnancy. The vaginal bleeding could be in either of these forms, it might be in pink mucus, the color may also be light brown or bright red. In either of the case, you have to consult your doctor and ask for any medication if needed. There are many reasons of bleeding in first month of pregnancy. Some of those reasons are:



Implantation is a process when a fertilized egg places itself in the walls of uterine. In this process, a small amount of blood loss happens. It continues for about 2 to 3 days after implantation and can be after 2 to 5 days after your conception.


Hormonal Or Cervical Changes

When a lady gets pregnant, a hormone called progesterone increases. This increase of progesterone can be a cause of bleeding in first month of pregnancy in most of the women. On the other hand, when the periods are due, it might be possible that you feel some bleeding at those days. Moreover, there is an increasing flow of blood in the cervix area. This may also be the cause of your bleeding. Body may discharge excessive and unused blood.


After Sexual Intercourse

Cervix area is very much sensitive in women. If you have done a brisk sexual intercourse which is full of passion, then because of hard rubbing, your blood tissues might get hampered. And you go through a blood loss or bleeding. This is a very normal kind of bleeding and it will get stopped after 2 or 3 days.



When the spots of blood convert into heavy flow of blood loss, then this could be a sign of miscarriage. When women actually go through miscarriage, some embryos will also flow out with the heavy blood flow.


Ectopic / Tubal Pregnancy

This is not normal. In case of ectopic or tubal pregnancy, embryo form outside the uterus and then gets fitted by doctors in the uterine walls. This could be very painful. There is a light spotting but still very much un-comfortable. Sometimes, doctors have to take out the fallopian tube along with the baby but it does not mean that women can’t get pregnant after that. There are other conditions too.


Molar Pregnancy

This is also not a regular kind of bleeding. But bleeding is a very common symptom in such pregnancy. In molar pregnancy, an abnormal mass forms within the uterus instead of a baby.



When there is a problem, there has to be a solution for that. Bleeding in the first month of pregnancy could be because of any of the above causes. But there is a treatment for all. Do not take this lightly and it is important to know that every body is different and every woman handle it differently. So, don’t go for the words of different experiences. Look out for a good doctor and get a full medical checkup done.


Search for exact cause

If you are bleeding in first month of pregnancy, then you have to search for its reason. There could be any of the above reasons, but first you have to be sure for your reason. If you are feeling trouble in finding that, contact your doctor immediately.


Avoid Using Tampons

Tampons should be strictly avoided at the time of pregnancy.


Visit The Doctor

You should visit your doctor regularly. Take proper rest and medication to avoid any kind of complications afterwards.


Taking Full Medication

If your doctor has recommended any medication, then go through it and complete it. Do not break the medication in between. You should complete the medication course.


Taking all the precautions can enlighten your life with joy and happiness. One has to remember one thing very clearly that pregnancy is the most important stage of any woman’s life and anything which is uncommon can be dangerous. So, you have to take proper care in order to avoid any kind of complications. Similarly, bleeding in the first month of pregnancy could be dangerous but with proper care and medication, you can avoid this problem.